Global health is about worldwide health improvement, reduction of disparities, and protection against global threats that disregard national borders. The Global Health research program (GH) aims to contribute to health for all in a global context.

Program support: Sabina Beeke

Health for all, in a global context

Mission and goals

The Global Health research program aims to contribute to health for all in a global context through inter- and transdisciplinary research collaboration that fosters interaction between theory, policy and practice.

The research provides insights in key issues in:

  • The role of urbanization on health in low-resource settings, and the vulnerable migrant populations globally, including high-income countries;
  • Factors affecting maternal health and the health of the early life including poverty, malnutrition, low education and poor access to healthcare services;
  • Surveillance, disease program evaluations, transmission models, antimicrobial resistance, and preventive strategies of several communicable diseases.

We examine health systems strengthening particularly in low-resource settings to improve universal health coverage.

Program leaders

Program council

The program leaders of the Global Health research program chair the GH Program Council. This program council consist of a selection of senior researchers of the research program who meet at least bi-annually to implement or update the research program-specific strategy and to discuss anticipatory or reactive response to external events.

Program council members
Charles Agyemang Martin Grobusch
Maiza Campos Ponce Marianne van Elteren
Jacqueline Broerse

Junior council

The Global Health research program has installed a GH Junior Council that provides program leaders with solicited and unsolicited advice and helps them with the organization of research program-specific activities or events.

Junior council members
Eva van der Linden Marlies Visser
Somphos Vcheth Som Philip Elders
Nguyen Viet Hai

Research program members