Amsterdam Reproduction & Development (AR&D) studies the effects of diseases and interventions on human development covering the complete process from gamete to adult. The ultimate goal of our work is to enhance knowledge of normal and abnormal human reproduction and development directed to continuously improve health care. AR&D combines leading scientists of different disciplinary backgrounds enabling innovative research.

AR&D mission

The mission of the Amsterdam Reproduction & Development (AR&D) is to study the effects of genetics, environment including nutrition, disease, and interventions on the developmental process from gamete to adult. Central in AR&D research is the integration of different disciplinary approaches within the academic hospitals and their affiliated centres including basic science as well as translational and clinical research that work together to continuously improve health care

AR&D vision

AR&D aims to increase internal coherence and connectivity of the various research groups in Amsterdam UMC, location AMC and Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc that are active within AR&D. As such, AR&D will predominantly function as a platform for integration. Our goal is to use the AR&D platform for communication between both senior and junior researchers active in AR&D. Bringing together the expertise and various approaches from different disciplines gives us the opportunity to create innovative research lines that are at the interface of the established fields of research. Ultimately, this should lead to an increase both in scientific output and acquisition of (inter)national funds for research. From a societal perspective, AR&D aims to be an (inter)national knowledge hub for interpreting and guiding scientific developments with the ultimate aim to provide the best health care for future generations.

AR&D visual infographic showing the circle of life from gamete to adulthood

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