For external grant opportunities, the Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support team provides support for Amsterdam UMC researchers on a large variety of national and international grant schemes and funds.

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Research Grant Support

The Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support team offers tailor-made services to researchers in Amsterdam UMC. The grant advisors provide up-to-date knowledge and expertise to secure the acquisition of national and European research grants fostering successful and excellent scientific research in Amsterdam UMC. Targeted grants support services are catered to the specific needs of Amsterdam UMC applicants applying to e.g. EU funding programs, prestigious national consortium grants and the NWO Talent Program as well as other prestigious ‘talent’ grants.

Yellow pages

Yellow Pages is the weekly newsletter from the Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support team. It is published on Thursdays and contains announcements about grant opportunities, scientific meetings and other activities related to research. Input for Yellow Pages can be sent to on Mondays, before 12.00 hrs. To subscribe/ unsubscribe: please send an e-mail to

Contact details

Visit the Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support page for further information or contact:

Scientific grant opportunities - AR&D

Do you need funding for your research? Major funders are listed below:

  • The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research - NWO
  • The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development - ZonMw
  • Grants from the European Union (e.g. Horizon2020)
  • The Academy Medical Sciences Fund - Academy Ter Meulen Grants