Several steps have to be taken to successfully complete your PhD trajectory. The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School provides support to you and your supervisor by information provision, administration, advice and education during your PhD trajectory.

Since mid April 2021, a joint Doctoral School for all Amsterdam UMC PhD candidates is a fact. The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School wants to be a central and accessible place where you and your supervisor can go to for practical information about the PhD trajectory and a range of courses, but also for independent advice or support when you are experiencing any setbacks. The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School will harmonize the services for PhD candidates from location AMC and VUmc. Nevertheless, differences in the PhD trajectories will continue to exist due to the different PhD regulations of the two Amsterdam universities VU University and the UvA.

The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School website provides clear information on the different phases during your PhD trajectory at the VU University or the UvA: 1) Starting your PhD 2) During your PhD 3) PhD graduation

APROVE is the association for AMC PhD candidates (Amc PROmovendi- VEreniging). Founded in 2006, APROVE strives to offer a professional and social network for PhD candidates at the AMC and its affiliated centers.

The UvA Doctoral regulations describe the requirements to conduct your PhD research and obtain the UvA doctor degree.