Many adolescent girls experience severe menstrual symptoms, impacting their daily lives significantly. In response, the Gynecology department has developed an app to investigate and address the nature and extent of these challenges. This innovative tool provides researchers and young girls alike with valuable insights into menstrual issues.

Studies reveal that 30% of girls aged 12 to 18 miss at least one day of school, sports, or work per month due to menstrual symptoms, underscoring the substantial impact on their routines. Alarmingly, 67% of girls experiencing severe blood loss consider it 'normal.'

However, according to pediatric gynecologist Emmy van den Boogaard, such symptoms may indicate underlying health conditions. Severe blood loss, for instance, could signal a clotting disorder in 1 out of 10 girls. Other potential causes include mucosal disorders like endometriosis and adenomyosis. Unfortunately, due to a lack of awareness of what constitutes 'normal' menstruation and the societal taboo surrounding the topic, many girls hesitate to seek medical help, resulting in delayed diagnosis and treatment.

Emmy van den Boogaard, affiliated with the Amsterdam Reproduction and Development research institute, emphasizes the importance of breaking the silence surrounding menstruation to ensure young women receive timely care. By leveraging the app's capabilities, both researchers and girls can gain a deeper understanding of menstrual health, paving the way for improved support and interventions.

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