On September 11, 2020 the first AR&D online event took place. In this webinar two speakers gave lectures and a festive award ceremony closed this well attended event.

The first speaker was dr. Norah van Mello who gave a lecture about Gynaecological and obstetric aspects of trans men. She introduced the audience to the patient group and the challenges the Center of expertise on gender dysphoria of Amsterdam UMC faces when treating people with gender dysphoria who have a child wish.

The next speaker was Prof. dr. Martine de Vries of the Department of Medical Ethics & Health Law of Leiden University Medical Center who took the audience on a journey into the ethics of infertility treatments.

After some questions of the audience it was time for the grant ceremony in which the awardees pitched the study they received funding for. Even though everything was hosted online the first webinar was both educational as well as a festive ceremony, followed by almost 70 web-participants!