Did you know that in a few seconds you could save more than one third of the energy of an average Dutch household per year? This can easily be done by joining the Freezer Challenge organized at Amsterdam UMC. The Freezer Challenge aims to stimulate organizations all over the world to reduce their energy consumption by for example, increasing the temperature of the freezers from -80⁰C to -70⁰C or by cleaning up the freezers.

Does your department have freezers that are set at -20⁰C/-80⁰C and/or that can be cleaned up? Join our freezer challenge by sending an email to duurzaamheid@amsterdamumc.nl and make chance to win a sustainable prize! Would you like to get more information about changing the temperature of the freezers? Check the Radboud UMC blog and take a look into the initiators of the global Freezer Challenge.

Groene Zorg (Green Care) communityThe Groene Zorg community is becoming increasingly well known among colleagues. You will find everything about sustainability at Amsterdam UMC here. Employees ask questions and give tips on all kinds of different 'sustainable' topics. You can read great stories from the house, discussions about commuting, questions about charging stations for electric bicycles and cars and much more. Green Teams tell what they are doing and what they have already achieved. New Green Teams have been started, such as in the MDL department and the Lung/lung surgery department at the VUmc location.

Became curious? Register at the Groene Zorg community, the sustainability platform for and by colleagues at Amsterdam UMC. Share your tips, ideas and plans and be inspired by your colleagues.Note: you can only participate in the community if you have an Amsterdam UMC email address.

Download the freezer challenge flyer