We would like to introduce you to the new director of Amsterdam Reproduction & Development Prof. Dr. Tessa Roseboom. From January 1st, 2022, she will take up the position of Prof. Dr. Christianne de Groot, who has become chairman of Division 4 Vrouw-Kindcentrum at Amsterdam UMC.

Tessa Roseboom studied biology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and obtained her PhD in 2000 at the University of Amsterdam for research into the health of men and women who were born around the time of the Hunger Winter 1944-1945. The Hunger Winter study provided the first direct human evidence that a mother's diet during pregnancy affects the health of her children and grandchildren. Tessa’s multidisciplinary research focuses on the influence of the early environment on human growth, development and health.

Since 2013 Tessa Roseboom is professor of Early Development and Health at the University of Amsterdam and has been associated with the Amsterdam Reproduction & Development research institute since its foundation in 2016. You may also know Tessa from her book 'De eerste 1000 dagen', in which she describes how the period from conception to the second birthday (the first 1000 days) determines the rest of life. She is ambassador of the national action program ‘Kansrijke Start’ (Ministry of Health). Internationally, she is an active advocate for investing in a good start for every child in order to contribute to healthy generations and a fair and more sustainable future.

We are delighted with Tessa as new director of AR&D and we are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!