Medio April it was announced that researcher Tessa Roseboom (professor of Early Development and Health, Amsterdam UMC/UvA) received a financial contribution of €10,000 from the KNAW pilot fund ’Science Communication by scientists: Appreciated!’ She may use these resources to support or develop her own science communication activities.

Background of the pilot fund

The pilot fund is one of the initiatives of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) to encourage science communication. Boosting science communication is a policy spearhead of Ingrid van Engelshoven, the Dutch Minister of OCW. One of the initiatives she has taken is to make available a pilot fund of one million euros, intended for the recognition and appreciation of scientists who are committed to science communication: the pilot fund ‘Science Communication by Scientists: Appreciated!’. The pilot fund is in line with the new way of recognizing and appreciating scientists, which has recently been introduced within the Dutch knowledge field. Science communication is seen as an integral part of an academic career.  This fund is administered by the KNAW. 

Tessa Roseboom’s research

Tessa Roseboom is professor of Early Development and Health at the University of Amsterdam. Her work focusses on the influence of the environment in which human beings develop, from the earliest phases of life, on growth, development and health across the lifecourse. She is an active advocate for a good start in life and in 2018 she wrote a book about the fundamental importance of the first 1000 days of life from a biological, medical and societal perspective. She is an ambassador of the National Program Promising Start (VWS) and chairperson of the committee advising the RIVM about the monitoring of this program. She works with the Joint Health Foundations in the Netherlands to work towards the Healthy Generation ( through investments in a good start in life.  The ultimate aim of her work is to contribute to a healthier and more equal world through investing in a good start in life.

Picture of Tessa Rosenboom with reflection in screen