The ACS equipment grant is available for equipment costs over €12.000 (incl. VAT). All departments of Amsterdam UMC location VUmc participating in ACS are entitled to ask for a part of this budget.

This budget can be spent on new techniques, not on standard equipment like freezers. We prefer applications in which scientists from Amsterdam UMC location AMC participate.

Status: closed

This grant is currently closed. When application for the next round will be opened, an announcement will be made through our newsletter and news articles.
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The application form will appear here once the new Equipment call opens.



  1. Budget for equipment: Each year ICaR-VU gets a budget for purchase of large equipment.
  2. Large equipment: parts or full equipment with a cost of more than 12,000 euro including VAT and will be placed in Amsterdam UMC location VUmc.


  1. All applications for equipment will be sent for advice to the leaders of all five research programs of ACS.
  2. Based on this advice, the ACS Directorate will decide how the budget is used.

Rules and regulations for the applications

  1. Only applications that are in line with the rules can be awarded.
  2. Each application should be supported by more than one department in Amsterdam UMC location VUmc.
  3. The application can be used to get a new apparatus, or an extension of existing apparatus to improve the possibilities or measurements. Standard lab equipment cannot be awarded.
  4. If an apparatus cost more than 40,000 euro, matching by the departments involved is obligatory.
  5. The apparatus needs to be used for research for more than 80% of the time.
  6. Research groups from location AMC-ACS should be able to use the equipment in collaboration. Not yet participating departments of location VUmc should get access to the equipment financed by ACS.
  7. Only applications with a value above 12,000 euro can be financed by this grant.

Format application

  1. Provide an explanation of the use of apparatus requested. (~1 A4), please specify name, provider, all modules that are needed etc. Add an offer from the provider if possible.
  2. Motivate the purchase (1 A4): benefit for the departments involved, benefit for ACS and why do you need it now!
  3. How much % of available time will it be used for research, compared to education/ patient care. What % of available time, other ACS parties could use the requested equipment for research.
  4. Please specify the financial contribution of the parties involved. And how you can guarantee to use the budget in 2020. Are there external grant applications? When will it be clear whether these are successful?