Leading Dutch Parkinson parties join forces to achieve results faster together. Wilma van de Berg, Senior Associate Professor at the department of Anatomy & Neurosciences of Amsterdam UMC, is the chair of the new association on Parkinson(ism) research, called the Dutch Parkinson Scientists. Together with partners, the Dutch Parkinson Scientists want to make real impact in the fight against Parkinson’s disease, therefore they became one of the members of this new national alliance on Parkinson’s disease.

The personal and social impact of Parkinson’s disease is not only unprecedented, it is also unknown to many. To change this, the most prominent medical centers and organizations in the Netherlands, when it comes to Parkinson’s disease and Parkinsonism, have joined forces and founded the Dutch Parkinson Alliance on April 28, 2021, with Jan van Zijl as chair of the alliance.

With the overarching mission the national alliance wants to fight the disease together and achieve faster results for patients. The Parkinson Alliance was founded by:

  • ParkinsonNet (a national network with more than 3,400 care providers specialized in guiding people with Parkinson ‘s therapists)
  • Parkinson’s Association (for people with Parkinson’s, Parkinsonisms and their environment and their caregivers)
  • ParkinsonNL (the new fund for research and information) 
  • Dutch Parkinson Scientists (the new association for Parkinson(ism) scientists in The Netherlands)

The organizations continue to work individually on their goals, but see intensive cooperation as the ideal opportunity to accelerate. Wilma van de Berg, chair of the Dutch Parkinson Scientists, is really excited with this national collaboration and she invites all researchers active in the field of Parkinson’s disease and Parkinsonism to become a member of Dutch Parkinson Scientists. Van de Berg: "With the establishment of Dutch Parkinson Scientists and the affiliation with the Dutch Parkinson Alliance, we combine the strengths of Parkinson's researchers."

Visit the website of Dutch Parkinson Scientists.
Visit the website of the Dutch Parkinson Alliance.

Logo of Dutch Parkinson Scientists containing a red tullip

Photography: Hermance van Dijk