Awarded grants

NWO grant for Gert-Jan de Bruijn and Bas Zaat

Gert-Jan de Bruijn has received funding from NWO in the ‘Research along Routes by Consoria’ (ORC) call of the Dutch Research Agenda

Veni and Vidi grants for Eirini Karyotaki and Christiaan Vinkers

Two APH researchers have been awarded a Veni and a Vidi grant by the Dutch Research Council. Eirini Karyotaki was awarded the Veni grant. The Vidi grant was awarded to Christiaan Vinkers.

Laura Nawijn wins Amsterdam Brain and Cognition talent grant

Laura Nawijn won the ABC talent grant, with her research ‘Across Diagnostic Boundaries: Investigating shared and specific biopsychosocial factors in common psychiatric disorders’.

ZonMw grants for use of lifestyle medicine in curative health care

Karien Stronks, Willem van Mechelen and Judith Jelsma received a ZonMw grant for a project in the Lifestyle health care (prevention) round.

ZonMw grants for APH researchers in ‘Early Detection’ program

The ZonMw early detection program focusses besides early detection also on knowledge use, implementation, effectiveness research and innovation.

LASA receives grant from Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports

LASA receives grant from the Ministry of Health Welfare and Sports for the period 2021-2024. The grant is over 3 million Euros.

ZonMw grant for long-term mental health trajectories after COVID-19

Exploring the interplay of psychosocial and biological factors affecting health-related quality of life in recovered COVID-19 patients.

ZonMw grant to study effects of corona on children

Large ZonMw grant for APH researchers to investigate consequences of the corona pandemic for children and adolescents.

Alpe D’HuZes grant for Societal Participation & Health research

SP&H researchers receive KWF Alpe D’HuZes grant for Individual placement and support (IPS) for unemployed and work disabled cancer survivors.

Veerle Coupé receives ZonMw grant for patient-led follow-up after cancer treatment

This project aims to develop a protocol for patient-centered follow-up for curatively treated colorectal cancer patients.

ZonMw grants for APH researchers for COVID-19 related studies

In the second ZonMw grant round, APH researchers have received money from ZonMw for their COVID-19 projects

Louis Handoko receives ‘Dekker grant’ awarded by Dutch Heart Foundation

The Dutch Heart Foundation has awarded six researchers of the Amsterdam UMC the ‘Dekker grant’. These grants are personal grants for talented researchers.

Dorly Deeg receives grants from ZonMw and Netspar

APH researcher Dorly Deeg receives grants from the Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw) and from Netspar.

ODISSEI receives large Roadmap-grant from the NWO to examine social change

Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations ODISSEI is the Dutch national research infrastructure for the social sciences