In order to increase the quality and the success rate of KWF proposals, there is a comprehensive assessment procedure for these projects. Projects that are not reviewed according to this procedure are not eligible for submission to the Dutch Cancer Society.

Outline of the internal KWF assessment procedure

  • Submission of a preproposal about 3 months before the KWF deadline. You preproposal will be reviewed by a committee member and one of your suggested reviewers. Based on the review they will advise you either to continue writing the full proposal (with likely suggestions for improvement) or, to withdraw your project from the current round of funding.
  • Internal submission of your complete project proposal is due about 1 month before the submission deadline of KWF. You will receive a new review report of the same reviewers that evaluated your preproposal. Based on comments of the reviewers and your reply to these comments the committee will give a positive of negative advice for submission to KWF.

Upcoming deadlines

  • The next KWF deadline (call 2021-2) is May 12, 2021. Visit the KWF website for more information.The compulsory internal deadline for preproposals is February 8, 2021. The pre-application form can be found under 'downloads'.
  • In the first week of March 2021, you will be informed if you can extend your preproposal to a full project proposal.
  • The deadline for full proposals is April 6, 2021. The full proposal form can be found under 'downloads' at a later moment.


KWF review committees

We have two reviewing committees, a pre-clinical and a clinical committee. These committees consists of the following members:

KWF pre-clinical research committee:                                   

Prof. dr. J.P. (Jan Paul) Medema, chair            
Dr. G.K. (Gitta) Kuipers, secretary                          
Prof. dr. V.W. (Victor) van Beusechem                        
Dr. M.F. (Maarten) Bijlsma                                                            
Prof. dr. R.H. (Ruud) Brakenhoff                                 
Prof. dr. E.F. (Eric) Eldering                                       
Dr. J.M.M. (Joke) den Haan                                         
Prof. dr. A.G.J.M. (Ton) van Leeuwen                         
Dr. D.M. (Michiel) Pegtel                                            
Dr. M. (Marcel) Spaargaren                                         
Dr. R. (Rieneke) van de Ven                                        
Prof. dr. L. (Louis) Vermeulen                                    
Dr. R.M.F. (Rob) Wolthuis

KWF clinical research committee

Prof. dr. A.J.M. (Fons) van den Eertwegh, chair
Dr. G.K. (Gitta) Kuipers, secretary
Prof. dr. J.J.G.H.M. (Jacques) Bergman
Prof. dr. M.G.H. (Marc) Besselink
Prof. dr. J.(Joost) Dekker
Prof. dr. N.W.C.J. (Niels) van de Donk
Dr. C.J.A. (Niels) Haasbeek
Prof. dr. N.H. (Harry) Hendrikse
Prof. dr. D. (Daphne) de Jong
Prof. dr. A.P. (Arnon) Kater
Prof. dr. M. (Martin) Klein
Prof. dr. H.W.M. (Hanneke) van Laarhoven
Dr. M.G.H. (Martijn) van Oijen
Prof. dr. D.L. van der Peet
Prof. dr. L.J.A. (Lukas) Stalpers
Prof. dr. P.J. (Pieter) Tanis