ACS launched a new call: the Nursing Research grant. This grant is aimed at Amsterdam UMC nurses with a Master’s degree, who are interested in preparing a PhD trajectory in the cardiovascular field in combination with clinical duties as a nurse. Submission deadline is April 19th, 2021, 12 AM.

ACS Nursing Research grants of €12.500 are used for 1,5 day a week protected research time during 1 year for a preparatory Nursing Research project. The Nursing Research grant is aimed at exploring your abilities for doing research and at providing a foundation for evidence based nursing practice in the cardiovascular field. The research question should be related to the care of cardiovascular patients and the candidate should be embedded in an existing research group for guidance and support. The preparatory year will be used to complete a grant application. After the first year, if successful, the candidate and the research group are expected to independently acquire subsequent funding.

Read more on the ACS Nursing Research Grant page.