We are happy to announce the results of the ACS equipment call 2021 in which funding is available for new techniques that costs over 12,000 euro. This equipment will add to the expertise within ACS in which participation of multiple departments is required. This year, five grants have been awarded.

ACS contributes to the purchase of new techniques within the institute. This budget, together with budget from the involved department(s) and/or external funds, will be spend on the following five techniques in the (near) future:

Long wavelength tunable laser for a multiphoton microscope

Dr. Inge Mulder and prof. van Bavel (Biomedical Engineering & Physics) and colleagues acquire a long wavelength tunable laser for a multiphoton microscope. This piece of equipment will be used for in vivo imaging of the cerebral microcirculation at high resolution. However, this set-up can also be used for other (in or ex vivo) structures and area’s other than the brain. 

Four-Element Flame Photometer for biochemical analysis

Marjet Oppelaar, Rosa Wouda, prof. Liffert Vogt and prof. Marc Vervloet (Nephrology) and colleagues acquire a Four-Element Flame Photometer for the biochemical analysis of sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca2+) and lithium (Li+). This allows the quantification of cations in liquids (animal and humans), tissues (animals and humans), and foods.

AI compute node for advanced MR imaging techniques

Prof. Aart Nederveen, dr. Pim van Ooij and Paul Groot (Radiology & Nuclear Medicine) and colleagues acquire a powerful server for faster image reconstruction using machine learning. This will facilitate the clinical use of anatomical scans and 4D flow MRI, advanced MR imaging techniques in cardiovascular disease and health.

12-lead ECG monitoring and recording system for MRI

Dr. Marco Götte (Cardiology) and colleagues acquire a high-fidelity, MRI-compatible 12-lead ECG monitoring and recording system for advanced cardiac MR. This allows them to register a 12-lead ECG under different physiological conditions and/or during cardiac interventions while simultaneously MR images can be acquired.

Biotek Cytation 5 upgrade for advanced imaging

Dr. Jan Van den Bossche and prof. Elga de Vries (Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology) and colleagues acquire a Biotek Cytation 5 upgrade with the following modules: 60x objective, CY5 imaging cub, CO2 controller, BioSpa automated incubator and dual reagent injector. This allows imaging of subcellular structures, long-term kinetics experiments and analysis of acute cellular responses to stimuli.

Read more about the procedure of the ACS equipment call 2021.