With the ACS equipment grant ACS invests in new equipment or an extension of existing apparatus to improve the possibilities or measurements. The equipment is available to all ACS researchers and adds to the expertise within ACS. This year, five grants have been awarded.

ACS contributes to the purchase of new instruments within the institute (max. €25.000 per granted application). This budget, together with budget from the involved department(s) and/or external funds, will be spent on the following five instruments in 2022:

GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler for spatial multiomics data 

Elena Rampanelli (Exp. Vascular Medicine), Daniel van Raalte (Internal Medicine), Peter Henneman (Human Genetics) and colleagues acquire a GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler for spatially driven multiplex quantification of proteins (proteomics) or RNA transcripts (transcriptomics) on frozen or fixed tissues. The instrument will be hosted by the Genomic Core Facility.

Monitor for non-invasive measurement of urinary oxygenation

The departments of Anesthesiology (Abraham Hulst, Jeroen Hermanides, Denise Veelo), Internal Medicine (Daniel van Raalte) and Intensive Care Medicine (Alexander Vlaar) acquire an Oxylite Single channel dissolved oxygen (pO2) and temperature monitor compatible with urinary catheters for non-invasive measurement of urinary oxygenation in perioperative & intensive care.

Add-ons for a new AXR confocal microscope

Jan Van den Bossche (MCBI), Tyler Kirby (Physiology) and colleagues acquire a add-ons for the new AXR confocal microscope. With this instrument several measurements can be performed, such as live cell imaging, imaging with external phase contrast, FRET, FRAP and calcium imaging with a larger field of view and higher resolution. This instrument will be hosted by the Microscopy and Cytometry Core Facility.

Extension for the FlexCell Tissue Train 3D culture system

The Flexcell system enables mechanical stretching on cells to simulate heart rate, walking, running and other dynamic exercise patterns. Aida Llucià-Valldeperas and Frances de Man (Pulmonary Medicine) acquire an 3D extension for this system that allows 3D stretching on cells to study cell/tissue mechanotransduction as well as the effect of mechanical conditioning on cells.

Hemosphere monitor system for complete hemodynamic profiles in patients

The departments of Cardiology (Louis Handoko), Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (Ot Bakersmans), Pulmonary Medicine (Harm Jan Bogaard, Frances de Man) and colleagues acquire a hemosphere monitor system for complete hemodynamic profiles (blood pressure and flow) in patients at rest and during exercise. The system will be used for clinical research that is integrated in patient care.

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