The foundations have been laid, the contours of the ADORE Research & Diagnostic
Center of Amsterdam UMC are quickly becoming visible right behind the hospital.
On September 28, there was a festivity to mark the “laying of the first stone''.

The 90-million Amsterdam Oncology and Neuroscience Research (ADORE) Research & Diagnostic Center will house oncology and neurology researchers from Amsterdam UMC working together alongside pharmaceutical industry partners and knowledge institutions such as the Vrije Universieit Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. It is the first time worldwide that oncological and neurological research are being combined in this way.

Chris Polman, chairman of the executive board of Amsterdam UMC: “The fact that oncology and neurological researchers are going to work together so closely is unique and at the same time so logical.” Geert Kazemier, chairman of Cancer Center Amsterdam, adds: “The researchers want to better understand why one person develops cancer, in which cells proliferate and multiply, and the other develops diseases such as Alzheimer's or multiple sclerosis, in which cells die. Thanks to the cross-pollination between researchers of these diseases, we hope to achieve breakthroughs in science more quickly.”

The ADORE building and project will feature the following:

  • Good manufacturing practice (GMP)-grade facility
  • State-of-the-art equipment including a whole-body PET-CT imaging system
  • Biocomputational & Bioinformatics Center
  • Offices, conference room, meeting places, research laboratories along with an atrium, private courtyard and sky bridge connecting to the Imaging Centre
  • Flexible interior walls for redesigning lab space
  • Thermal energy storage (WKO) and solar panels
  • A financial fund to attract and support top researchers

See this video about ADORE.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2025. ADORE is also projected to strengthen the Life Sciences & Health sector in Amsterdam by attracting research companies to Zuidas and the region. More than 40 (inter)national companies have indicated interest already.

Donors including Aegon, Newomij, Zadelhoff Fund, Ton and Maya Meijer-Bergmans, The Timeless Foundation, Kroonenberg Groep B.V., Talpa Foundation, and Royal A-ware, and subsidies from Kansen voor West and the Municipality of Amsterdam help make ADORE possible.

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