APH researcher Charles Agyemang has been appointed as member of The Lancet Racial Equality Advisory Board. This external international advisory board has been established to guide the task force representing departments across Lancet journals, known as the Group for Racial Equality (GRacE), in its mission.
Achieving racial equity is a must and we should all do our utmost to make it happen! It is societal responsibility! - Charles Agyemang

In June 2020, The Lancet Group pledged its commitment to antiracism and to addressing racial inequality in its own workforce, editorial practices, and the work that it published: “Racism is a public health emergency of global concern. Anti-racism is a struggle all of us must join. We pledge to educate ourselves about racism. We will support Black and minority health workers. We will use the evidence we publish, together with our values, to speak out for Black and minority ethnic communities. We pledge our solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We will now turn that pledge into concrete actions in our own work.”

The Lancet will dedicate a theme issue to advancing racial and ethnic equity in science, medicine, and health, to be published in late 2022 or early 2023. The Group for Racial Equality (GRacE), a 16-member racially and culturally diverse taskforce that works across the Lancet journals. will be guided by the Lancet Racial Equality Advisory Board to help shape this theme issue.

More information on the Lancet Racial Equality Advisory Board can be found on The Lancet website.