Patients with multimorbidity (2 or more chronic conditions) often get multiple medicines. Knowledge on the efficacy and safety of these medication combinations in patients with multimorbidity is limited. Therefore, researchers of the LEAPfROG project are creating a learning medication safety system.How? In 4 steps.

Step 1= testing and reuse of Electronic Health Record data
Step 2= transfer existing medication knowledge (for example in guidelines) into computer-interpretable domain knowledge.
Step 3= using innovative machine learning techniques to learn from the data (of step 1) and existing knowledge (of step 2).
Step 4= developing a digital assistent with medication advices for individual patients with multimorbidity.

Want to know more about these 4 steps? See our website Learning medication safety system – PharmacoInformatics Lab.

We will first work on detecting drug-induced kidney disease in patients with chronic kidney disease.