The Methodology research program (Meth) will develop, evaluate, implement and apply instruments and methods, in order to optimally facilitate health care innovations. Methodological research topics include elements of epidemiology, biostatistics, informatics and clinimetrics/psychometrics.

Program support: Kim Francken

We develop and evaluate methods for public health, healthcare and biomedical research

Mission and goals

The Methodology program aims to develop and evaluate methods for public health, healthcare and biomedical research. Methods should be considered broadly and include amongst others statistical techniques, theories, instruments, and frameworks. Our projects cover methods in epidemiology, biostatistics, mathematical modelling, (bio)informatics, artificial intelligence, clinimetrics, and psychometrics. Our research is dedicated to our understanding of methods, which means that it overarches research fields, patient groups and geographical regions.

The methodology program promotes and supports methodological research by bringing together methodologists from Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit and University of Amsterdam, and is strongly connected with other research programs within APH. External partners include domain experts (e.g. clinicians, biologists) from APH, and other research institutes within and outside Amsterdam.

Program leaders

Research themes

Development of methods

This theme is dedicated to the development of new research methods, the application of existing methods to new fields, and supporting researchers in applying these methods.

Evaluation of existing and new methods

In this theme the impact of different methods and choices on the outcomes of a study, as well as the performance of the methods is evaluated.

Research on research

The third theme of the Methodology reseach program concerns research on research, which varies from research into the reporting of scientific results and research into research integrity.


The Methodology program organizes monthly tutorials in which methodological experts of different backgrounds share their knowledge on a topic of choice.

All APH (methodology) researchers are cordially invited to attend these gatherings. If you are not an APH researcher, but you would like to attend a specific tutorial, please send an email to: The latest information about schedulded Methodology tutorials can be found on the Events page. PhD candidates can earn 1 EC for attending minimal 4 tutorials (including the time of preparation).

Program council

The program leaders of the Methodology research program chair the Meth Program Council. This program council consist of a selection of senior researchers of the research program who meet regularly to implement or update the research program-specific strategy and to discuss anticipatory or reactive response to external events.

Program council members
Veerle Coupé Martijn Schut
Barbara Groot-Sluijsmans Wessel van Wieringen

Junior council

The Methodology research program has installed a Meth Junior Council that provides program leaders with solicited and unsolicited advice and helps them with the organization of research program-specific activities or events.

Junior council members
Astrid Kramer Annelinde Lettink
Michiel Luijten

Research program members