As of May 2023, APH researcher Wouter Peyrot is the new program leader of Methodology. He will take over this role from Judith Bosmans (Full Professor in Methodology of Health Technology Assessment, VU Amsterdam).

Wouter Peyrot is psychiatrist and postdoctoral statistical genetics researcher at the Department of Psychiatry of Amsterdam UMC. He has been affiliated with the VU/VUmc/Amsterdam UMC on and off since 2003, for his medical training, PhD research, psychiatric residency and subsequent research. Wouter has also worked in statistical genetics in Australia and America for several years, andstudied mathematics for two years prior to his medical training.

Wouter's research aims to capitalize the great progress in genetic research to the benefit of individual patients, by developing novel genetic methods. His experience and expertise include: method development in cross-disorder genetic analyses, polygenic prediction, the impact of assortative mating and natural selection in psychiatry, the impact of various study designs on genetic test, and gene-by-environment interaction analyses in a polygenic context. Wouter works as psychiatrist for two days a week.