The ACHSS is an initiative that brings together two Dutch leading academic groups on research and clinical practice of athlete health protection, within Amsterdam UMC.


To contribute to lifelong healthy and injury-free sports and exercise participation for all; from the recreational to the Olympic level.


  • Amsterdam UMC (location AMC), Department of Orthopaedics (co-founder)
  • NOC*NSF (TeamNL)
  • Amsterdam UMC (location AMC), Department of Radiology
  • Amsterdam UMC (location AMC), Department of Cardiology
  • Amsterdam UMC (location VUmc), Department of Traumatology
  • VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Behavioral and Physical Sciences
  • Academic Center for Evidence based Sports medicine (ACES)
  • Amsterdam Institute of Sport Sciences (AISS)
  • The 'SportArtsen' Group
  • Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association (KNLTB)
  • AFC Ajax

In addition, collaboration on a project basis with various national and international partners.


    of activities in the field of education and training

    • Active contribution to undergraduate and graduate education (courses, lectures, internships) for medical, exercise science and physiotherapy students
    • Organization and coordination of (inter-)national postgraduate education
    • Medical-specialist training courses in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

    of activities in the field of research

    • Research on (cost) effectiveness and implementation of sports injury prevention measures in different target groups
    • Research on diagnostics, clinical guideline development and application, clinical care and management, as well as orthopedic interventions and their short- and long-term outcomes

    of activities in the area of care (innovation)

    • Strengthen Your Ankle; fewer (recurring) ankle injuries through sport
    • OptiForm; prospective health registration in athletes
    • Waterjetbased surgical drill

    Established in 2013.
    There is structural cooperation. A contract has been concluded with the partners.


    Prof. dr. Evert Verhagen:


    Part of Division 10

    This Academic Collaborative Center is part of one of the departments of Division 10 of Amsterdam UMC. An overview of all Academic Collaborative Centers identified by Division 10, can be found below.