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Amsterdam UMC has many support services dedicated to assist Amsterdam UMC researchers and their teams or departments.

Department Research Support

  • Research Grant Support /
    Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support (RGS) offers a portfolio of services to reach high quality proposals. The team offers support for prestigious personal grant applications and interdisciplinary consortium grants, both national as well as international.

  • Research Data Management / RDM Service Portal
    Research data management (RDM) aims to control the entire data management process along the research lifecycle; from study preparation, data acquisition, data processing and statistical analysis, writing and publishing, to archiving and open data.

  • Clinical Monitoring Center /
    For all investigator initiated studies initiated by Amsterdam UMC that are subject to the Medical Research (Human Subjects) Act (WMO) independent monitoring is provided for by the Executive Board and delegated to the Clinical Monitoring Center (CMC). CMC provides information about how to request for monitoring, requisition of costs in case of participating sites and/or other types of services and support offered by the CMC.

  • Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (valorization) /
    Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) is the valorization center of Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA). IXA offers support throughout the entire valorization process and can identify the best valorization strategy for your innovation or technology.
    IXA’s services cover activities ranging from the patenting of inventions and negotiating research and licensing contracts with industry, to creating start-up companies based on UMC technologies and negotiating research collaborations with industry.

  • Legal Research Support /
    The department of Legal Research Support (LRS) provides support on legal issues regarding (medical) research, including clinical trials, pre-clinical lab research, intellectual property, privacy and EU projects.
    They provide various types of legal services regarding your research e.g. the review and drafting of specific (medical) research related agreements and general advice concerning legal issues related to (medical) research.

  • Methodological and statistical support / AMC / VUmc
    Amsterdam UMC researchers are offered methodological and statistical advice and support. A qualified team of epidemiologists, bioinformaticians, clinimetricians, health economists and statisticians provides support in designing a study, defining clinical and health-economic outcome measures, sample size calculations, statistical and bioinformatical analysis, data representation and reporting of clinical research.
    Advice can also be requested for methodological assistance in grant proposals, answering peer-reviewers’ questions on statistical issues during the review process of a scientific article or the use of statistical software.

  • Medical Research Ethics Committee Officemetc@amsterdamumc.nlMedical research involving human subjects, human material or laboratory animals has to be carried out according to national law and regulations. Dedicated ethical committees review research protocols to ensure human and animal safety, and research quality.

  • Medical Library / or mics.ub@vu.nlThe library services are a cooperation between University Libraries, VU and AmsterdamUMC (location AMC). Together, they offer access to an very large journal- and database collection, assistance in searching (for instance for your Systematic review), but also for publishing your article and support your Personal Page on

  • Project administration: AMC Medical Research B.V. (AMR) supports Amsterdam UMC researchers and employees (only for location AMC), by taking care of the financial management and Human Resource (HR) aspects of their externally funded research projects in a transparent, efficient and legitimate way. For VUmc contact Projectbureau Wetenschappelijk onderzoek - Bureau Overige Geldstromen.

  • Research Policy Office / researchsupport@amsterdamumc.nlThe central Research Policy Office (RPO) is responsible for the preparation, coordination and implementation of research policy in relation to the mission and ambitions of the research strategy of Amsterdam UMC.  

  • Privacy Protection and Information Security (PB&IB) / privacy@amsterdamumc.nlTeam PB&IB advises and supports the board of directors, management and the departments with regard to privacy protection and information security. PB&IB has an important advisory and supervisory role that is performed in accordance with laws and regulations (including the AVG and NEN7510).

      Supporting research services and facilities

      • Kenniscentrum Geneesmiddelenonderzoek:
        For advice and support for medicines research: supplying, managing and releasing medicinal products. Please bear in mind that investigator initiated research involving a medicinal product is often a complex and prolonged process. In the early stages of your project, register your research or get in touch with our hospital pharmacist to discuss what is required. You should also consider a manufacturer of medicines licence, if applicable. This licence is mandatory for those who are preparing medicinal products (also including packaging and labelling), those who order their preparation or who are importing them. Moreover, it is important to know that agreements between the manufacturer and the hospital pharmacy have to be set out in a separate pharmacist’s agreement, which can be appended to the Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA).

      • Research Imaging Core Center (RICC) If you make use of imaging techniques in your investigation (x-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, MRI or nuclear medicine imaging) contact the RICC. All research requests can be submitted via You will receive a link to a registration form. RICC assesses whether there is sufficient capacity to meet the requested activities. The RICC draws up a quotation with the expected costs, which will be required for the MERC application, and make arrangements for preparation, implementation and data transmission of your research.

      • Centraal Diagnostisch Lab (CDL) provides support to patient care within Amsterdam UMC from the field of clinical chemistry. In addition, the CDL is increasingly called upon to support research projects that are either directly related to patient care or have an experimental character, such as laboratory animal research. This support is provided within the CDL by the Central Research Laboratory (CRL). In addition, the CRL takes care of the shipping provisions for patient care and the storage of materials. Investigators can make a reqeust by sending an e-mail ( or to the trailcoordinator and together an application form will be drawn up.

      • Amsterdam UMC Biobank It is recommended to discuss biobanking activities at an early stage. This includes all phases from the initiation of new biobanks over the maintenance of historic collections to the issue of material from existing cohorts. Activities need to be approved by an ethics committee, which is the CTB (Commissie Toetsing Biobanken). Once permission is obtained, sample and data collection can be started. Pre-analytic services are provided by specialized laboratories based on protocols harmonized under the auspices of Health-RI. Similar procedures are developed for the issue of samples. The catalog of provides key information on biobank collections housed at Amsterdam UMC Biobank and enables researchers to request specific samples through a standardized and transparent process. For more informatie please contact the biobank via contactform.

      • Pathology-Biobanking & Research VUmc ensures that human biospecimens that remain after pathological assessment and diagnostics are properly stored, and, under the right conditions, can be issued for high quality scientific research; ranging from immunohistochemistry to genomics, AI, and computational pathology. The PBR coordinates the collection, management, processing, and release of normal and abnormal bodily materials for scientific research. The PBR strives to provide service to researchers in the intake, biobank ethics committee approval, logistics and processing of bodily materials. Investigators who wish to perform research on (anonymized) bodily materials and/or pathology data can contact or

      • Experimentele en Klinische Research Unit F5 (EKRU). Patients or healthy subjects who participate in clinical scientific research are admitted to this department. The department supports researchers in conducting their research by means of nursing procedures. For example, data collection and the administration of study medication according to strict research protocols. For more information visit their page or contact f5ekru@amsterdamumc.n

      • Heart center - CURIUS for research echo's and/or ECG's. Investigators and trialcoordinators can make a request for VUmc and AMC by sending an e-mail to and together an application form will be drawn up.

      • Medical devices that are used in research must be registered. This not only concerns the medical device that is the subject of research, but also equipment that is for example, obtained on loan for the duration of the research (such as a blood pressure monitor). For more information see Clinical trials involving medical devices or the website of the Medical Technology. You can contact for advice, support, technical support and mandatory registration of medical devices

      • Medical Microbiology & Infection Prevention is specialized in diagnostic laboratories for virology, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, in addition to central laboratories for molecular and serological diagnostics. The department also includes several research laboratories. Investigators can make a reqeust by sending an e-mail to the studycoordinator of the department and together an application form will be drawn up.

      • ICT services for research via Research - Service Portal (

      • EPD - EvA Service Centrum Research via EvaWiki