Top level multimodality in vivo imaging

RICC is the Research Imaging Core Center for multimodality in vivo imaging in clinical and pre-clinical cross-sectional and tracer research. The aims of RICC are cooperation and facilitation of clinical and pre-clinical imaging research. RICC offers a wide variety of imaging solutions based on top level expertise and state-of-the-art equipment.

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RICC is located at the dept. Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, locations VUmc and AMC, and the dept. Biomedical Engineering and Physics, location AMC, Amsterdam UMC.


  • MR imaging
    MR imaging MRI enables high resolution scans of anatomy and physiology and is available at different field strengths
  • CT techniques
    CT techniques Latest conventional, dual-energy and weight-bearing CT techniques provide valuable diagnostic information for a large variety of indications
  • Interventional radiology
    Interventional radiology State of the art intervention angiosuites at the department and at the operating theatre allow minimal invasive image guided interventions
  • PET/CT imaging
    PET/CT imaging PET/CT is a hybrid imaging technique combining functional (PET) with anatomic (CT) information. It allows visualization and quantification of molecular processes in the human body with high sensitivity
  • SPECT imaging and radionuclide therapies
    SPECT imaging and radionuclide therapies SPECT/CT and radionuclide therapy are important techniques for clinical research in nuclear medicine
  • Preclinical imaging
    Preclinical imaging Preclinical imaging techniques are valuable tools for better understanding of disease mechanisms and treatment response bridging the way toward human translation and application
  • Tracer Center Amsterdam
    Tracer Center Amsterdam TCA designs, develops and produces tracers for imaging with PET, SPECT or optical techniques
  • Image analysis
    Image analysis Advanced image analyses and artificial intelligence enhance diagnosis and treatments, improve imaging procedures and use quantitative imaging biomarkers
  • Translation
    Translation Bridging the gap between research, clinical practice and society

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