We invite you to the very first (but definitely not last) edition of APH Junified 2021! APH Junified is a yearly returning event exclusively for APH junior researchers (including PhD candidates and postdocs). This year’s edition, themed ‘Next Generation Researchers’, takes place on September 2 (13:00-18:30) at Rosarium, Amsterdam.     

What’s in it for you

APH Junified 2021 provides you with opportunities to challenge, refine, and reflect on your research skills and to learn how to creatively communicate your findings to an audience. Moreover, the event provides an excellent opportunity to meet other APH affiliated junior researchers.

We kick off (13:00 hrs) with a plenary opening session and an inspirational keynote by Dr. Prabath Nanayakkara. After this, three APH junior researchers compete with each other in a vlogging competition. In the afternoon, you have the possibility to attend a workshop of your choice.

  • (A) Business Sketching (2-hours)
  • (B) Vlogging for Professionals (2-hours)
  • (C) Combined workshop: (C1) Rock Your Research Profile (1-hour) & (C2) Game of Skills (1-hour)

For more information on the workshops, see below. We wrap up the event by announcing the winner of the vlogging competition. Of course, with a drink in hand! We end the day (17:30-18:30 hrs) with each other during the Drinks & Appetizers.

Vlogging competition

In order for you to get the absolute most out of this event, we invite you to participate in our vlogging competition. Applications are open for all junior researchers affiliated with APH. All types of research and research topics are welcome. You do not need to have study results already to be able to compete. The deadline for joining this competition is July 4. For more information about the competition and submission, download the leaflet.


We intend to meet each other in a live-setting with as many as we are allowed, however we need to comply with the government guidelines that apply at that time. In case we must maximize the number of attendees, we will work with a waitlist on a first come, first served basis.

Move fast and register here


Business Sketching: Have you ever been in a situation where you just couldn’t find the right words to express or explain your thoughts to someone else? Often our way of communicating with others needs more than just the things we say or write in words. Sketching is the use of drawing to visually support thinking, communicating, informing, and explaining. The term ‘business sketch’ refers to the use of sketching in a professional context. It is an effective and efficient way to guide people's attention and to make communication accessible and more clear. Using your natural ability to sketch (it is true, everybody can draw a picture!) you have a powerful tool right in your own hands that will enable you to connect with others faster and better and with more engagement as a result. In addition, it helps to direct your own thinking process. Sounds like magic, doesn’t it! Through this practical and interactive training, the basics of business sketch will be explained, practiced, and applied. At the end of the training, you will be able to put this into practice with joy and confidence.

Vlogging for Professionals: Learn about the power of video and why this is a useful tool to share your research with the public. This workshop combines theory and practice, in which you hear about when to use video, target audiences, interviewing techniques in vlogs, visual storytelling techniques. The workshop is hosted by an enthusiastic and experienced video producer who will teach you the necessary skills to start using the power of video for your research!

Rock Your Research Profile: How do you define success? Some would say that success is when who you are lines up with what you do. A great way to bring your unique success story to life is through your online profile. Your profile helps you get recognized and opens the door to new opportunities, like partnerships, mentorships, or speaking events. It gives you credibility, showcases your ‘brand’, and tells your story. For that reason, you want to showcase who you are, the work you do, and the impact you've made or would like to make throughout your career. In this workshop we will discuss different profiles (e.g. LinkedIn, PURE, ResearchGate), focus on the do’s and don’ts of profile building and bring your work accomplishments and career journey to life. No matter how you define success, it starts with your online profile. Get ready to take advantage of the many ways to showcase your unique skills and talents by building a profile that represents you.

Game of Skills: Unify with junior researchers from different APH research programs during this workshop! In this session, we will play a getting-to-know-your-research-and-skills game. The aim is to connect with others and develop original, inspiring and innovative ideas and activities. May the best team win!