On March 30, the MIND Us Foundation was officially launched by Queen Máxima in Rotterdam. MIND Us wants young people to get a better grip on their mental health, develop resilience and know how to find help when needed. Arne Popma (professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at Amsterdam UMC and researcher at Amsterdam Neuroscience (AN) and Amsterdam Public Health (APH)) is on the board of the foundation.

The mental health of young people is under pressure. One in seven young people suffer from depressive thoughts and one in three experience performance pressure. Popma : "Three quarters of mental problems arise before the age of 25. If there is no attention for this, lifelong damage can occur. We must prevent this. With the MIND Us Foundation, there will be a platform where young people feel seen and heard and attention will be paid to the mental health of youth."

Queen Máxima is honorary president of the foundation. She and State Secretary Maarten van Ooijen joined the launch of the foundation and spoke with young people about mental health and the role of education, sports and music.

In the coming months, the program and activities of MIND Us will be further developed. On November 1, the activities of MIND Us will be announced during an event.

More information can be found on the Mind Us website.