If you want to be affiliated with the Amsterdam Public Health research institute (APH), you can register via the registration form. To join APH, the principal investigator (PI) and/or professor involved in your research project, must have an affiliation with APH.

Within APH, there are eight research programs covering different themes in the field of public health. We strongly recommend you to embed your research project within one of eight research programs via the Scientific Quality Committee. As an APH researcher, you can benefit from your affiliation to the research institute by using its knowledge, network and services. For instance, you can:

  • enrich and share your knowledge with our masterclasses and knowledge meetings
  • expand your network by visiting our annual meetings and network sessions
  • be part of a community of 1,700+ excellent researchers with wide variety of expertise to improve your research
  • receive the latest news and information in the field of public health through our e-mails, news letters, website, and social media
  • improve the quality of your research by requesting a scientific quality review
  • increase societal and scientific exposure of you and your research
  • consult the APH Quality Handbook, for information and advice on for instance data management, privacy and informed consent procedures
  • ensure your research meets privacy standards by using the AVG Checklist
  • compete for (travel) grants within your research program and within APH
  • receive guidance from the APH PhD Handbook and the PhD Education Committee as a PhD candidate when developing your 30 EC Training Plan
  • get discount on EpidM courses
  • join the PhD intervision meetings in order to discuss PhD issues and meet fellow researchers

When you want to affiliate to APH as a principal investigator or professor with your research group, please send an e-mail to aph@amsterdamumc.nl to register. After registration you will meet with the program leaders of the research program your research group belongs to. 

If you are not a researcher or not primarily affiliated with APH, but you want to stay up to date with our news and events, you can register for our newsletter by emailing aph@amsterdamumc.nl.

How to become a fully registered APH researcher: