The AR&D research institute offers different funding opportunities. Yearly, there is an open research grant call. Furthermore, AR&D offers young AR&D researchers the opportunity to go abroad with the AR&D travel grant, and AR&D contributes to printing costs of theses.

AR&D research grants

The AR&D research grant round 2022 enables researchers from Amsterdam UMC/UvA/VU to perform research in the field of reproduction and development (the circle of life).

All research projects (fundamental (biological) research, clinical or epidemiological research, paramedic, translational research, or research that aim to improve health care within the field of AR&D) are eligible. Multidisciplinary research projects and research projects in the paramedic science field are especially encouraged to be submitted.

These grants can be used to cover personnel costs, bench fee, equipment, conference budget and other related research expenses. This call there are three types of grants: 

1. Paramedic Science grant (€25.000):

In a separate grant AR&D encourages researchers involved in paramedic science to apply for a grant of maximum €25.000 to spend on salary and materials needed to perform research with the goal to improve patient care in the field of Reproduction and Development. This grants support research in which paramedic researchers collaborate with (the research group of) an AR&D principal investigator.

2. Start small, Think big (Type 1: €25.000)

This grant focuses on the development of novel ideas or projects, or to spark novel ideas. This grant can provide funding for salary and material costs. This grant funds research (sub)projects that can be performed within six months.

3. Move forward (Type 2: €50.000)

This grant can provide funding for salary and material costs for small to middle sized research projects. This grant typically funds research (sub)projects with a duration of six months to one year.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible to apply for the AR&D grants the following criteria need to be met:

  1. Researchers at all stages of their career that are currently employed at the Amsterdam UMC/UvA/VU are eligible to apply. External applicants are only eligible if the proposed research will be performed at the Amsterdam UMC/UvA/VU. All grant applications have to be supported by at least one AR&D Principal Investigator.
  2. Any Principal Investigator (PI) who wants to submit, should be a registered AR&D PI. All other applicants (technicians, paramedical staff, PhD candidates, and postdocs) are required to submit a letter of support of an AR&D PI (= responsible PI).
  3. Applicants are obliged to choose a grant type, therefore a single applicant cannot apply to multiple grant types with the same proposal or project. Any applicant (irrespective of their career stage) can submit only one proposal for the AR&D research grants 2022. An AR&D PI is however allowed to support more than one proposal as the responsible AR&D PI.
  4. A letter of support from an AR&D PI is only required if none of the applicants is AR&D PI.
  5. Applicants who received an AR&D research grant in 2021 are not eligible to submit a proposal for the AR&D research grant round 2022. However, they may submit again in the following years.
  6. Research proposals should be written in concise English with a clear research question or aim and should be understandable to a researcher in a neighboring science field within AR&D.
  7. The proposed research should investigate (a part of) the circle of life: from conception through development back to conception. The focus is on the effects of diseases and interventions on reproductive organ function, conception, embryonic and fetal development, pregnancy and birth as well as child development and effects on quality of life and long term health.
  8. All research proposals should define a milestone that needs to be achieved within the time-frame of the proposed research. These include, but is not restricted to: (1) Submission of a manuscript to peer-reviewed journal, (2) Submission of an abstract to an (inter)national conference, (3) Reporting of measurable improvement in patient care, measurable societal impact etc. and (4) Development of a functional (research) protocol, questionnaire etc.
  9. Only research projects with a starting date between May 1st and September 1st 2022 are eligible for this program.
  10. Only research projects that will be executed at the Amsterdam UMC/UvA/VU are eligible for this program.


The application should include:

1. The application form:

  • Information of applicants and affiliations
  • Project details

The application form can be downloaded here:

2. A letter of support of the responsible AR&D PI, if applicable (see above). This letter should at least include:

  • confirmation of support for this particular grant proposal
  • information about the relationship between (one of) the applicant(s) and the PI
  • a statement confirming that the proposed research will be performed at the Amsterdam UMC
  • a statement that all funds from this grant will be used for the proposed research

Convert the completed application form and the letter of support of the responsible AR&D PI (if applicable) into one combined PDF-file and email your application in to AR&D (

Submission deadline

The deadline for submission is:
17 February 2022, 12:00h

Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Selection procedure

The submitted proposals will be assessed by an independent committee based on the following criteria:

  • Quality with respect to the design and methods of the research proposal
  • Originality of the research idea
  • Relevance to the AR&D research field
  • Feasibility of the research project
  • How well the proposed budget fits with the research proposal

Final report

All awarded proposals are obliged to send a final report to AR&D, using the format provided by AR&D, about the project within 3 months of finalization of the project. This report has to include an overview of the financial accountability.

Time line

Time line AR&D grants 2022


    For questions contact AR&D (

    Travel grants

    The AR&D travel grant enables young AR&D researchers to go abroad for a work visit to a foreign research group or to visit a conference. This grant funds conference visits (maximum €1000) or work visits (maximum €2500) in the field of Reproduction and Development.

    Due to the COVID-19 situation, there will be no travel grant call in 2021.

      Contribution printing costs of theses

      AR&D will, as from January 2020, contribute €250 towards the printing costs of theses for AR&D PhD candidates, graduating in 2020 or 2021.

      Eligibility requirements

      The conditions for the contribution are as follows: 

      • the PhD candidate is registered with the institute (in Hora Finita for VUmc PhD-students), receives mails and newsletters, either from the beginning of the project, or as of the start of the institute;
      • the PhD candidate participated in the annual AR&D retreat with at least an abstract and attended the AR&D symposium minimally once during her/his PhD period;
      • all the publications of the PhD thesis appearing after 1-1-2020 name the Amsterdam Reproduction & Development research institute as affiliation;
      • the PhD candidate informs the institute of the title, time, date and place of the thesis defense as soon as a date has been set, including the names of the (co)promotors;
      • the application has to be send in and approved before the thesis has been printed, since the text below and the AR&D visual has to be printed in the thesis.
      • the declaration of the actual costs must be done within 3 months after the printing costs are made.


          The PhD candidate should send the application form to

          Application form:

          Incomplete applications and declarations submitted later than 3 months after the printing costs are made will not be taken into consideration.


          If your application is approved the following text is printed in the thesis:

          “Financial support for printing of this thesis was kindly provided and supported by the Amsterdam Reproduction & Development (AR&D) research institute”.

          Together with the AR&D visual, that can be downloaded here:

          For publication on the AR&D website and in the AR&D newsletter the PhD candidate sends the institute:

          • a picture (JPG) of the cover of the thesis
          • a digital copy (PDF) or a link to the open source publication of the thesis
          • a short English summary of the thesis (75 words) in layman’s terms
            AR&D visual infographic showing the circle of life from gamete to adulthood

              Declaration of the actual costs must be done within 3 months after the printing costs are made. Proof of payment of the printing costs and the AR&D letter stating your application has been approved have to be included in the declaration. You will receive the declaration instructions once your application has been approved.