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              Research Institutes

              Amsterdam Research Board

              The Amsterdam research board (ARB) represents the Amsterdam UMC research community and advices the executive board on research policy. Together with the deans and administrative staff, the ARB aims to promote responsible research conduct. The ARB consists of maximal two research institute directors from each research institute, a selected number of independent researchers, members due to their specific research-related function, and is chaired by the vice-dean of research.

              Good Research Practice Committee

              The Good Research Practice (GRP) Committee specifically promotes good conduct of medical scientific research with human subjects and advices and supports the executive board on clinical research policy and her role and responsibility as sponsor of investigator initiated trials in Amsterdam UMC. It's a multidisciplinary committee with representatives throughout the organisationn closely invloved in clinical research ( e.g. monitoring, research data management, legal research support, medical board, quality assurance, METC, pharmacy, clinical researchers).

              Contact: grp@amsterdamumc.nl