Purchasing and supplier information Amsterdam UMC

The Purchasing Department within Amsterdam UMC has 2 sub departments

  1. The Strategic Purchasing Department supervises the purchase of all products and services within Amsterdam UMC. The guiding principle here is the Amsterdam UMC Purchasing Policy, which is the basis for every purchasing process within Amsterdam UMC and applies to all employees.
    Strategic purchasing guides and advises on the purchase of all products and services within Amsterdam UMC. Part of this includes process guidance for European tenders and large purchasing projects.

    If you have any questions, please contact Strategic Purchasing via: inkoop@amsterdamumc.nl or your own purchasing contact person within Amsterdam UMC.

  2. There is also the Operational Purchasing Department. The Operational Purchasing employees act as the link between requesters and suppliers. They are responsible for the operational processing of order requests, from the moment of submission to the follow-up and aftercare of orders.

    If you have any questions, please contact Operational Purchasing at one of the locations:
    Location AMC via: io.inkoopamc@amsterdamumc.nl
    Location VUMC via: inkoop.vumc@amsterdamumc.nl

Important other information

General purchasing conditions NFU and hiring conditions for external workers

Please note that there is also a location-related addition to the GPC. You can find this on the next page of the AMC or VUMC location.

  • General Hiring Conditions ENG (will be added later)

The conditions in the PDF file "Conditions for hiring external workers" apply to every form of hiring external workers that the AMC enters into, including those for self-employed persons, temporary workers and seconded workers.

Air freight customs handler

Amsterdam UMC has issued an authorization to Rhenus Air & Ocean BV/ ALS Customs Service BV. This applies to both locations. You must send the goods via Rhenus / ALS. Otherwise we cannot receive your shipment and the shipment will be returned to your account.

You can use your own carrier (Fed-Ex, DHL, UPS, etc.) for shipping, provided that you send your foreign shipments for Amsterdam UMC via Rhenus / ALS.

Malenstein Global Logistics is the customs broker for the import of products that contain animal components or substances.

The contact details are stated in the GPC additions.

Invoices, accounts payable and tax

Amsterdam UMC will no longer accept orders placed outside the location-based automated ordering systems. This means that we no longer accept orders without the official AMC location or VUMC location order number. Only invoices provided with the correct order number and submitted in the correct location will be processed and paid. If this order number is not stated on your invoice, we will return it without payment.

Collective invoices will also no longer be processed. This tightening is intended to ensure faster and more efficient handling of invoices, which in turn will result in faster payment for your delivered products and services.

  • Chamber of Commerce number Stichting Amsterdam UMC: 64156338
  • VAT number of Stichting Amsterdam UMC: NL855546670B01
  • EORI number for customs of Stichting Amsterdam UMC: NL855546670

Recalls and safety notices

A recall is the recall of medical devices in the event of suspected or established defects in a device or product at the request of the supplier. This can be done on the basis of an external recall or safety notice.

How to act in the event of an external recall/safety notice by a supplier of medical devices.

You must provide the following information per location via the location-related email address:

AMC is recall@amc.nl or VUMC is inkoop.vumc@amsterdamumc.nl

  • Contact person within your company + telephone number + 06 number
  • Item description, type, dimensions
  • Manufacturer item number
  • Your own article number
  • Lot or batch number(s)
  • Nature and severity of the quality deviation
  • Probability and effect of the risks (with a view to patient safety)
  • You must also indicate:

    • Involved order numbers, order dates, delivery dates
    • Delivered quantities and packaging unit
    • The delivered lot or charge number per order

Send this information by email stating "recall" or "safety notice" in the "subject" field

Representatives (of companies) who want to come to the Operating Room

  1. Register upon arrival and receive a visitor pass;
  2. Are only present in the operating room upon invitation/permission from the (operating) doctor;
  3. Only provide product technical advice, do not take over any tasks;
  4. Guarantee the patient's privacy and adhere to the duty of confidentiality;
  5. Are competent to perform their task and are regularly trained.

    Data breach notification

    Data breach notifications by a supplier must also be reported to the Data Protection Officer | in addition to the AMC client Privacy Lawyer via datalek@amsterdamumc.nl