Our Research institutes

Cancer Center Amsterdam

The Cancer Center Amsterdam is a multidisciplinary research institute that aims to innovate cancer care. We therefore focus on excellent research programs connecting fundamental and translational research with clinical studies and care.

Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences

In Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences, research, education and clinical activities are concentrated in five Research Programs that cover all aspects of basic and clinical Heart and Vessel related diseases.

Amsterdam Gastroenterology Endocrinology Metabolism

Amsterdam Gastroenterology Endocrinology Metabolism unites the research at Amsterdam UMC involved at the intersection of nutrition, microbiology, digestion, endocrinology and metabolism.

Amsterdam institute for Infection and Immunity

Amsterdam institute for Infection and Immunity enables multidisciplinary basic, preclinical and clinical research on fundamental aspects of infectious diseases and immunity during infection, auto-inflammation and cancer.

Amsterdam Movement Sciences

Amsterdam Movement Sciences strives to optimize physical performance in sports, health and disease, through interdisciplinary, translational research that covers the ranges from fundamental to clinical and from cellular to population studies.

Amsterdam Neuroscience

Amsterdam Neuroscience connects researchers and clinicians of fundamental, translational and clinical brain research. To collective accelerate knowledge into therapies for patients.

Amsterdam Public Health

Amsterdam Public Health is a research institute that connects researchers from multiple disciplines to contribute to the health and care for all people, respecting social, ethnic and cultural diversity and across the life course.

Amsterdam Reproduction & Development

Amsterdam Reproduction and Development studies the effect of environment, genetics, diseases and interventions on human reproduction and development covering the full circle of life: from gamete, through childhood to adult life.