The Amsterdam Research Board (ARB) represents the Amsterdam UMC research community and advices the executive board on research policy. Together with the deans and administrative staff, the ARB aims to promote responsible research conduct. The ARB consists of all research institute directors, a selected number of independent researchers, two Research support directors, and is chaired by the vice-dean of research.

The Amsterdam Research Board (ARB)


Vice-dean of research Mat Daemen

Board secretary

Chantal Steegers

Research institute directors

Amsterdam Neuroscience Arjen Brussaard Diederik van de Beek

Amsterdam Gastroenterology Endocrinology Metabolism Stan van de Graaf Gerd Bouma

Cancer Center Amsterdam Jan Paul Medema

Amsterdam Reproduction & Development Lidewij Henneman Christianne de Groot

Amsterdam Infection & Immunity Yvette van Kooyk Theo Geijtenbeek

Amsterdam Public Health Martine de Bruijne Dionne Kringos

Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences Arthur Wilde Jolanda van der Velden

Amsterdam Movement Sciences Mario Maas Richard Jaspers

Independent researchers

Marja Boermeester Sarah Derks Guus van Dongen Marjolein van Egmond Arnon Kater Esther Lutgens

Research support directors

Jessika van Kammen Edwin Janssen


Chantal Steegers