Lowlands Science is the science program of Lowlands, one of the Netherlands' largest and best-known festivals. Lowlands, The National Science Agenda (NWA), New Scientist and BKB | The Campaign Office invite scientists to submit a research proposal to be carried out during the festival on August 18, 19 and 20, 2023. Applications for this special research opportunity are due by March 31, 2023.

The previous editions of Lowlands Science were very successful. Both for the festival visitors who were introduced to research in an accessible way, and for the participating scientists who collected a lot of data on the festival grounds. In the Lowlands Science Lab, festival visitors voluntarily become part of experiments to help advance science. Participating researchers are helped in this way and enthuse festival visitors and media about their research.

Researchers from all research institutions are invited to submit proposals for research during the festival. Opportunities are great, provided that the quality of research and feasibility are guaranteed in the proposals. The data obtained by scientists at the festival will be used exclusively anonymously for scientific research. For the research, use can be made of the demarcated Lowlands Science site and the (voluntary and anonymous) cooperation of festival visitors who come in large numbers to the Lowlands Science Lab every year.

Application criteria

  • The research must be socially relevant and interesting to the Lowland audience.
  • The Lowlands visitor should be able to participate in the research, be the subject of the research, or learn something from it. Research that uses only surveys, for example, is not interesting to the visitor.
  • Research should take into account the environmental conditions of a festival site: vibrations, loud noise, music and alcohol consumption, among other things. For example, research that requires a soundproof room is not feasible.
  • The research should be described in no more than 1,500 words.
  • A floor plan of the required space/physical setup including dimensions should be provided with the application.

Submit proposal?

Research proposals should be submitted using this form by March 31, 2023.

The submission form should include the following information:

  • Name of principal investigator
  • Name of research institution/organization
  • Name of department/faculty/program
  • Title of research (concept)
  • The research question (1-2 sentences)
  • Experience of the visitor during the research
  • The research in up to three (lay) sentences
  • The social relevance of the research
  • An upload of the elaborated research proposal (PDF with max.1500 words, 10MB) containing at least:

    • Social relevance and reason for the research
    • Research question, objectives, hypotheses and/or expectations?
    • What does the visitor experience/do/learn during the research?
    • Method and design of the research/plan of action, including list of required materials and space. (What is needed at the Science site? How much space, what technical resources, etc. Please include floor plan of space/physical setup needed, including dimensions).
    • How will the information/data obtained at Lowlands be used for further research?
    • If known fixed the composition of the team: names and functions (the team may consist of a maximum of 10 persons)
    • Brief CV of the principal investigator


Each selected research project must submit €5,000 (ex. VAT) funding. This contribution is intended to cover the production costs (research space, supplies, catering researchers) of the research during Lowlands Science.


By the end of April, applicants will hear whether or not they have been selected to actually conduct the research. After selection, there will be an intake interview in May to discuss everything production-wise and a briefing for Lowlands Science in July. These will both take place digitally or in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam UMC

Amsterdam UMC researchers who participate: please notify pers@amsterdamumc.nl. So that our communication colleagues can support in terms of media requests.


Questions or in need of more elaborate information? Email lowlandsscience@bkb.nl.