Are you a researcher interested in personal development? Would you like to strengthen your CV? Or are you looking to maintain a healthy work-life balance?. Do you have questions about your career, such as whether academia is the right path for you, or what other career opportunities are available beyond academia? Join our research institute-wide mentoring program!

In the mentoring program, you can both offer and receive advice, support, and guidance on work-related issues from researchers at various stages of their careers—ranging from research nurses, technicians to postdoctoral researchers, and from assistant professors to full professors— across all Research Institutes of Amsterdam UMC. The program encompasses fundamental, clinical, and translational research.

Researchers can sign up as mentee and/or mentor from mid June till September and will get matched in October. A kick-off meeting takes place at the beginning of November after which the mentoring program can begin. Workshops will be organized throughout the year.

Don't miss out – register now and elevate your research career! For more details, reach out to