As of January 1st, 2023, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam made Open Access publishing the norm. This has been decided by the Executive Board. The new policy means that scientific publications by VU-authors must be made Open Access under an open license. Hereby, the VU takes an important step towards accessible and transparent science for all.

What will change?

From 1 January 2023 on, scientific publications of VU-authors must:

  • be registered in the Current Research Information System (Pure)
  • be made immediately Open Access under an open license, whenever possible
  • be kept under the copyright of the author, whenever possible
  • be made available through the VU Repository (Pure)

The VU supports VU-authors in different ways to help them comply with this policy:

  • From 2023 on, the University Library will make all short scientific publications by VU-authors automatically Open Access ('green open access'. It is possible to exclude a publication through an opt-out.
  • The VU continues to make deals with publishers to pay for immediate Open Access for authors of the VU and Amsterdam UMC / location VUmc ('gold Open Access')
  • Furthermore, the VU invests in sustainable, not-for-profit publication initiatives which do not charge any costs to their authors through her Open Science program ('diamond Open Access').

The VU Journal Publishing Guide shows in which journals you can publish Open Access without cost.


Do you have any questions about the policy or the different routes to Open Access? Please visit or contact the VU Open Access team at