Cohorts & registries

  • ABCD cohort study
    ABCD cohort study The Amsterdam Born Children and their Development cohort is a multi-ethnic birth study, which follows the health, growth and development of ±8,000 children.
  • ACS cohort study
    ACS cohort study The Amsterdam Cohort Studies (ACS) investigates the natural course, the development and development of HIV-1 infection in men who have sex with men and drug users.
  • AGEhIV cohort study
    AGEhIV cohort study The AGEhIV Cohort Study assesses aging and ageing-related diseases in people living with and without HIV.
  • AGHLS cohort    study
    AGHLS cohort study The Amsterdam Growth and Health Longitudinal Study is a multidisciplinary cohort which was set up to examine growth and health among teenagers.
  • Dutch Famine Birth cohort  study
    Dutch Famine Birth cohort study The Dutch Famine Birth Cohort Study is investigating the effects of exposure to the 1944-1945 wartime famine (‘Hongerwinter’) in utero on health in adulthood.
  • EQUAL  cohort study
    EQUAL cohort study The EQUAL study, part of the ERA-EDTA registry, is an European prospective cohort study in elderly patients in chronic kidney disease stage 4.
  • Generations2 cohort study
    Generations2 cohort study The Generations2 cohort study is a big, ongoing, long-term cohort study, which aims to study the development of parenting and mental health.
  •   HELIUS cohort   study
    HELIUS cohort study The Healthy Life in an Urban Setting study is a prospective cohort study on health and health care among an urban multi-ethnic population
  • The Hoorn DCS Cohort
    The Hoorn DCS Cohort The Hoorn DCS cohort is a prospective cohort representing a comprehensive dataset on the natural course of type 2 diabetes.
  • The (New) Hoorn Studies
    The (New) Hoorn Studies The (New) Hoorn studies were established to investigate the prevalence and risk factors of impaired glucose metabolism, diabetes and diabetes-related complications.
  • LASA cohort study
    LASA cohort study The Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam is a prospective cohort study of older adults in the Netherlands (55–84 years).
  • Netherlands Autism Register
    Netherlands Autism Register The Netherlands Autism Register (NAR) is a longitudinal register, including approximately 3,500 individuals with autism.
  •  Netherlands Twin Register
    Netherlands Twin Register The Netherlands Twin Register (NTR) is a national register in which twins, multiples and their parents, siblings, spouses and other family members participate.
  • NESDA cohort study
    NESDA cohort study The Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety investigates the course of these disorders, particular psychological, social, biological and genetic factors.
  • NESDO cohort study
    NESDO cohort study The Netherlands Study of Depression in Older persons examines the determinants, the course and the consequences of depressive disorders in older persons.
  • NOCDA cohort study
    NOCDA cohort study The Netherlands Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Association investigates the biological, psychological and social determinants of chronicity in OCD patients.
  • NL-SH cohort study
    NL-SH cohort study The Netherlands Longitudinal Study on Hearing is examining the relationship between hearing impairment and several life aspects in adults aged 18 to 70 years.
  •  PACMAN cohort study
    PACMAN cohort study The Pharmacogenetics of Asthma medication in Children: Medication with Anti-inflammatory effects cohort study aims to examine asthma treatment response.
  • RODAM cohort study
    RODAM cohort study The Research on Obesity and Diabetes among African Migrants studies the high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and risk factors among sub-Saharan Africans.
  •  Sarphati Amsterdam cohort
    Sarphati Amsterdam cohort The Sarphati cohort collects data about the health and development of children up to 18 years to learn about certain non-communicable diseases.
  • WOMB cohort study
    WOMB cohort study The WOMB project is the follow up of a preconception lifestyle intervention among women with obesity and an unfulfilled wish for a child.
  • ERA-EDTA registry
    ERA-EDTA registry The ERA-EDTA registry collects data on patients on dialysis and kidney transplant recipients from around 35 national and regional renal registries in Europe.
  • EPOSA registry
    EPOSA registry The European Project on OSteoArthritis focuses on the personal and societal burden and its determinants of osteoarthritis in the ageing European population.
  • InterRAI registry
    InterRAI registry InterRAI consist of routine care cohorts of residents in long term care facilities, home care recipients and frail older adults with frail health.
  • Leren van Data - Peilstations
    Leren van Data - Peilstations Within the program Leren van Data, a network of Peilstations is set up, consisting of nursing homes which will structurally register data.
  • NHR registry
    NHR registry The National Heart Registry collects data on all cardiac interventions performed in the Netherlands.
  • NICE registry
    NICE registry NICE takes care of the continuous and complete registration of all available data of the participating intensive care units in the Netherlands.
  •   SECURE-AD registry
    SECURE-AD registry SECURE-AD is an online, de-identified international reporting registry for health care providers to report outcomes of COVID-19 in Atopic Dermatitis patients.
  • TREAT NL registry
    TREAT NL registry The TREAT NL registry is a national registry of children and adults with moderate-to-severe atopic eczema.
  • The Amsterdam Cohort Of Gender dysphoria
    The Amsterdam Cohort Of Gender dysphoria In the ACOG study, clinical data is collected during diagnostic and therapeutic phases which people with gender dysphoria go through.