Implementation science

  • Implementation Science Knowledge Hub - Overview
    Implementation Science Knowledge Hub - Overview This knowledge hub provides you with a quick overview of interesting tools, resources and guidance to support your first steps into the world of implementation studies and practices
  • Connect with implementation scientists
    Connect with implementation scientists Want to stay up-to-date, learn more and participate in implementation science and conduct?
  • Introduction to Implementation Science
    Introduction to Implementation Science If you are not familiar with implementation science, the following materials may give you a good first impression of the topic.
  • Implementation theories, models & frameworks
    Implementation theories, models & frameworks Did you know that there are around 170 theories, models and frameworks (TMFs) used in the field of Implementation Science?
  • Implementation research methods, designs, measures & publishing
    Implementation research methods, designs, measures & publishing Doing good research is highly challenging. There is a large variety of methods, designs and measures available in implementation science, from a wide range of disciplines. What are your options?
  • Implementation strategies
    Implementation strategies Implementation science is fundamentally concerned with identifying effective strategies for implementing evidence-based interventions.
  •      Dissemination
    Dissemination Dissemination is the active approach of spreading evidence-based interventions to the audience/stakeholders via determined channels using planned strategies.
  • De-implementation
    De-implementation Failing to use available science is costly and harmful; it leads to overuse of unhelpful care, underuse of effective care, and errors in execution. De-implementation is a highly important, increasingly studied field in implementation science.
  • Sustainability
    Sustainability How to sustain evidence-based practice in care? More work on the topic of sustainability can be found here.
  • Participatory research & stakeholder engagement
    Participatory research & stakeholder engagement Stakeholders offer valuable perspectives on implementing evidence-based practice in care. But, how to consult them?
  • Implementation Science in NL
    Implementation Science in NL Relevant websites that provide relevant material and contacts for developing and utilizing implementation knowledge and expertise in the Netherlands.