Amsterdam UMC performs excellent scientific research and publishes more than 7500 scientific articles each year. Amsterdam UMC researchers can reach out if they need information about various aspects of publishing, such as writing systematic reviews, tools for bibliographic management or open access publishing. Moreover, as publications are the primary means of communicating research output, (biblio)metrics are indispensable for evaluation of the research impact. Therefore, dedicated teams are responsible for registration of Amsterdam UMC research output in Pure and processing of several derivative services.

Library services

Amsterdam UMC offers a large collection of scientific journals of all major publishers and access to all major databases like PubMed, Scopus and Web of Science. Moreover, library experts can provide support on systematic reviews, such as assisting in the literature search and in managing the literature found.

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Publishing and Open Access

All Amsterdam UMC researchers are urged to use the correct affiliation when submitting scientific publications:

Affiliated to the University of Amsterdam (UvA):
Amsterdam UMC location University of Amsterdam, Department(s), Meibergdreef 9,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Affiliated to Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU):
Amsterdam UMC location Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Department(s), De
Boelelaan 1117, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Research institute: name of research institute, program(s), Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam UMC encourages its researchers to make research output Open Access (OA), which refers to free, unrestricted online access to scientific articles and books. There are two main routes to OA publishing; directly, via the golden route, or indirectly, via the green route. Amsterdam UMC researchers can publish OA via the golden route free of charge in more than 10.000 journals or via the green route by archiving a version of the manuscript in a repository, usually after an embargo period.

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Output registration and personal pages

Dedicated output registration teams are responsible for updating research output data in Pure - the repository for all research data - and for processing of several derivative services. One of the derivative services is publication of research data on the researchers’ personal pages on the Amsterdam UMC website.

The personal pages on the Amsterdam UMC website can be edited by the researchers personally, via modification of their research data in Pure.

For questions about your researcher personal page on the Amsterdam UMC website, contact the Amsterdam UMC webteam.

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