Searching information

Finding all information you need takes time and proper preparation. Hence, we offer search tips and tricks to get started. 

Search Tips & Tricks

This section of the Medical Collections, entails further information about:

  1. Developing answerable questions
  2. Identify synonyms and related terms
  3. Use truncation and wildcards
  4. Combining terms
  5. Identify search limits / exclusion criteria
  6. Keyword vs subject searching

Guide with useful search tips:

If you want to explore your search further, this guide is very helpful


The Medical Library offers courses to PhD students through the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School. Most of the available courses are e-learnings or online information the student can do individually. To be able to enter Our (hybrid) course "Searching for a systematic review", general knowledge obtained through the
available e-learning courses/online information is required.

For further information, see the courses page of the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School.