Focus of research

Henk (Henri JMM) Mutsaerts is an MD PhD with a passion for image processing. His research focuses on the development of arterial spin labeling (ASL) perfusion MRI as clinical biomarker in aging and aging-related disease, and is stratified in three trajectories: 1) standardization, 2) interpretation and 3) application of ASL as an imaging biomarker. 1. Standardization includes the development and standardization of ASL image processing to improve multi-center reproducibility. Henk is leading the development of ExploreASL, a software effect to standardize ASL image analysis from single subject level up to large multi-center cohort studies. ExploreASL started as a spin-off from the EU-COST action ‘ASL in Dementia’. Henk analyzed ASL data from ~30 clinical studies worldwide, moderates the international standardization of ASL data structure (BIDS), and develops standardized ASL quality control within the European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia Consortium. 2. Interpretation entails the discovery of (patho-)physiological components in the ASL perfusion signal and the ability to distinguish between them. Henk has several international collaborations for developing: a) a novel image processing method that “flip-thinks” artifacts on perfusion scans to extract vascular information, b) partial volume correction, aimed at separating the structural and localized tissue perfusion components. 3. Application of ASL in clinical research, clinical practice and pharmaceutical trials bridges research and clinical practice, through collaborations with companies such as Philips Healthcare, Mediri and Gold Standard Phantom.