Hamstring muscles

Focus of research

Especially interested in sports injuries and involved in research focusing on hamstring muscle injuries with the avulsion of proximal hamstring tendons as the main research topic.

Full-thickness hamstring tendon injuries have a large impact on sports participation and activities of daily living. These injuries have the ability to end a professional sports career. Full-thickness hamstring tendon injuries are relatively rare. There is a lack of evidence to advise if and when operative or non-operative treatment is indicated. These and other pressing clinical questions remain unanswered to today’s date.

With our prospective study we gather clinical and imaging data on full-thickness hamstring tendon injuries on international base. Due to the international research collaboration we create a large database, which will provide us the ability to study different aspects of these injuries. By mapping these different aspects, we expect to be able to create an evidence-based individualized treatment algorithm for full-thickness hamstring tendon injuries in the future.