ACS provides funds to support talented ACS researchers and to stimulate collaboration between ACS researchers within Amsterdam UMC.

Since 2016, ACS organizes grant rounds. In this 2019 round, 2 Postdoc grants (€70.000), 2 MD/PhD (€25.000) and 4 Ouf of the Box (OOTB; €25.000) grants have been awarded.

Postdoc grant winners

Fleur Tjong, dept. Cardiology
Deep learning for identification of ICD patients at risk of lethal cardiac arrhythmias: The deep risk ICD Study

Annette Neele, dept. Medical Biochemistry
Targeting the Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 (PRC2) in atherosclerosis by small molecule drugs

MD/PhD grant winners

Najim Lahrouchi, dept. Experimental and Clinical Cardiology
Personalized medicine for patients with the long QT syndrome

Nick van Es, dept. Vascular Medicine
Combining clinical and genetic risk factors to identify cancer patients at high risk of arterial and venous thromboembolism: a new challenge in cardio-oncology

OOTB grant winners

Menno de Winther, Jan Van den Bossche, Max Nieuwdorp, Maarten Soeters
Promoting immune health by intermittent fasting: taming the monocytes?

Liffert Vogt, Majon de Boer, Marie van Dijk
Investigating placental non-osmotic sodium buffering across pregnancy

Meeike Kusters, Barbara Hutten
The search for new biomarkers in risk stratification: towards a tailor made treatment for young patients with familial hypercholesterolemia

Harm Jan Bogaard, Harry Buller, Josien Smits, Azar Kianzad
Detecting CTEPH with educated platelets: a case-control study