Sicco Bus and Jaap van Netten, from the Department of Rehabilitation
Medicine Amsterdam UMC, have received together with national and international
colleagues a European Marie-Curie Doctoral Network grant within Horizon Europe.
With this grant, of in total €2,8 million, 10 international PhD students will be appointed in 6 European cities to conduct research into the prevention of foot ulcers and amputations
in people with diabetes; 3 of these PhD students will be appointed at the
Rehabilitation Medicine department at Amsterdam UMC. The other PhD students
will conduct research in Bologna (2), Munich (2), Copenhagen, Glasgow and
Maastricht. In addition, several medical, industry and implementation partners
from Europe are involved. The project is called DIALECT and stands for Diabetes
Lower Extremity Complications Research and Training Network in Foot Ulcer and Amputation Prevention. Tessa Busch-Westbroek from the Department of Rehabilitation
Medicine is closely involved as clinical expert and within Amsterdam UMC there
will be intensive collaboration with the Diabetic Foot Center Amsterdam and
specifically with the Radiology department (Prof. Mario Maas). The Amsterdam
UMC is the coordinator of the project.