Join the Virtual Reality session 'With Different Eyes', organized by APH researcher Jeanine Suurmond, one of our APH Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee members, and organization Critical Mass. The session will take place on March 30th, at Amsterdam UMC location AMC.

In this session you will get a glimpse of different situations of social exclusion in the hospital through Virtual Reality. Then, we will discuss racism, exclusion and discrimination in an interactive way. We will make blind spots visible and discomfort discussable. We will give a voice to different groups and expose prejudices and stereotypes. We will also look at the role and action perspectives of bystanders in situations of social exclusion. This session is co-hosted by Critical Mass.

Two sessions are organized (9:45-10:45 and 11:00-12:00), each with a maximum of 10 participants. Sign up by sending an email to with preference for session from 9.45-10.45 or from 11.00-12.00. The With Different Eyes session is organized as part of the Week Against Racism.