As of March 2023, APH researcher Hein van Hout (Professor of General Practice &
Medicine for Older People at VU Amsterdam) is the new program leader of Aging & Later Life. He will take over this role from Martijn Huisman (Professor of Epidemiology of Ageing at VU Amsterdam).
We can make a difference for older persons with vulnerable health and their close relatives.

Hein van Hout is a professor affiliated at the Departments of General Practice & Medicine for Older People at VU Amsterdam. He chairs a research group on primary care geriatrics that aims to contribute to independence, quality of life and quality care of vulnerable older persons and their informal carers. This is done through two themes: 1) developing decision support for professionals to provide appropriate care and 2) identifying and implementing best practices.

He coordinates national and international studies such as I-CARE4OLD on improving prognostics of older persons with chronic complex conditions, and the impact of (non)pharmacological interventions using big data from 8 countries; IBenC on identifying best home care organisations across Europe, the PACE trial on improving palliative care in residential homes in 7 countries, and COMPAS on impact of dementia case-management.

He is board member of interRAI an international network committed to better lives for vulnerable people through excellence in assessment and research. He is member of INTERDEM the world’s largest expert network on timely diagnosis and psychosocial interventions for persons with dementia and their relatives.

He engages in: General Practice Elder Care in Amsterdam (ELAA), Academic Network GPs (ANHA), Academic Network Older Care region Amsterdam (UNO), Dutch interRAI-support Network (NEDRAI) and the Ben Sajet Center.