With funding of 7.2 million from ZonMw, Amsterdam UMC will soon start a large biomedical research project on chronic fatigue, ME/CFS (Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome). Project leader Jos Bosch will work with more than 20 partners to find answers to questions such as: What exactly happens inside the body of ME/CFS patients? How can diagnosis be improved? And what treatments could be effective? Homebound patients with ME/CFS will also be involved.

People with ME/CFS, also called chronic fatigue syndrome, are quickly exhausted with little effort and often have other chronic complaints, such as (frequent) pain, memory problems and hypersensitivity, for example to light and sound. Much remains unknown about the disease. There are discussions about the name, and there is no agreement about the characteristics, causes and treatment of the disease. This research project led by Amsterdam UMC should change this. In this study patients with severe ME/CFS will be included.