The website of the new Dutch Trial Register (‘Landelijk Trial Register’; LTR) is available. The ultimate aim of the LTR is to provide a clear overview of all clinical research in the Netherlands in one register. Currently, the LTR only contains the data from the former National Trial Register (NTR). Gradually, the LTR will be expanded with data from other registers. 

All data from the former NTR have been imported unchanged into the new register and cannot be modified. Functionalities are being built in so that this will eventually be possible. If you need to make changes in a specific study now, please consult the LTR website.

It is currently not possible as yet to register new research in LTR. To register a new study, you can choose one of the approved WHO registries such as The full list of approved registries can be found at Primary registries in the WHO registry network.

More information can be found on the website of the CCMO.