The Musculoskeletal Health (MSH) Program of Amsterdam Movement Sciences

The overall aim of the Musculoskeletal Health (MSH) Program of research institute Amsterdam Movement Sciences is to improve the physical performance, the activities of daily life and health related quality of life for people who suffer from musculoskeletal disorders through high quality research.

Within the MSH Program, we also encourage the international collaboration between Amsterdam Movement Sciences and high-profile international research groups. Therefore, in this call, the MSH Program offers financial support to PhD candidates to travel to and work with a research group abroad.

The international collaboration program


The objective of the international collaboration program is to initiate and/or strengthen the international collaboration of Amsterdam Movement Sciences with a high-profile international research group by financially supporting PhD candidates from a department or institute affiliated with Amsterdam Movement Sciences to travel and work abroad. The international collaboration program will also enable PhD candidates to gain knowledge and experience abroad, as well as to strengthen their intended PhD thesis.


The applicants are PhD candidates who already started with their PhD thesis, who are employed at a department or institute affiliated with Amsterdam Movement Sciences. Priority will be given to PhD candidates from departments directly linked to the MSH Program.


The MSH Program will provide PhD candidates with financial support for the year 2023.


The MSH Program has a total budget of €40,000. In total, up to 2 PhD candidates will receive financial support from the MSH Program (up to a maximum of €20,000 per candidate) to cover travel and accommodation costs for a stay abroad of at least four weeks.

Compulsory criteria

Applicants must concur with the following criteria:

1) Employment at a department or institute affiliated with Amsterdam Movement Sciences;

2) Registration as PhD candidate (e.g., Doctoral School of the Amsterdam University Medical Centers);

3) Submission of at least one manuscript forthcoming from the international collaboration program (within the subsequent 12 months) that (i) involves authors from collaborative research groups, (ii) mentions the funding provided by the MSH Program in the acknowledgment, (iii) will be part of the intended PhD thesis of the candidate and (iv) is relevant to the MSH Program

4) The results of this visit to the research group abroad should result in a submission or publication of at least one manuscript in a peer-reviewed international journal and which should also be included in the intended PhD thesis; the funding provided by the MSH Program should be acknowledged in the manuscript;

5) Letter signed by the Principal Supervisor (Promotor) confirming that the intended visit abroad contributes substantially to the quality of the intended PhD thesis;

6) Letter signed by the head/chair of the high-profile international research group confirming the intended visit abroad of at least 4 weeks over the year 2023.

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