In collaboration with the department of rehabilitation medicine of the Amsterdam UMC/Emma Children's Hospital and the Erasmus MC-Sophia Children's Hospital, the kick-off was given at the beginning of January for the scientific research 'Sport4Impact', a study on the impact of the Esther Vergeer Foundation Sportpoli. The Esther Vergeer Foundation Sportpoli helps children with a physical disability and/or chronic illness to find a suitable sport. Therefore, the research is focused on the impact of this mediation and the effect of starting sports on an ordinary sports club. The Esther Vergeer Foundation Sportpoli was launched in 2021 and can already be found in 7 academic children's hospitals. The sports clinic starts a personal guidance process to a 'normal' sports club that suits the child. Children/young adults who have been mediated and personally guided to a suitable sport through the Esther Vergeer Foundation Sportpoli can participate in the research. In addition, the research also focuses on parents, referrers and associations. Read more.