Erik Rietveld (Socrates Professor at Amsterdam UMC) received a Vici grant for his project “Change-Ability for a World in Flux: The next step for an embodied cognitive science of brain-body-environment systems”.

The NWO Vici grants are targeted at outstanding senior researchers. These researchers are able to develop their own innovative lines of research. Rietveld receives 1.5 million euros for his research project, which is targeted on collective behavioral change & artistic imagination. With this grant he will develop the new Change-Ability Conceptual Framework (CAF).

Together with his brother, Ronald Rietveld, and the team of RAAAF ( ), Erik Rietveld spent the last 15 years becoming an expert on change-ability. Change-ability is defined as “Skilled ways of coordinating with a rapidly changing world”. This project aims to open up a new perspective on change-ability, starting from the insight that what people do is both enabled and constrained by the action possibilities offered by their surroundings.

Learn more about this project on Erik Rietveld’s website

Photo: Jan Kempenaers - The End of Sitting by RAAAF | Barbara Visser